We visually capture your business essence, translating the emotional core through strategic branding.

Peace & Colour Gallery
SAV Group
SAV Group is a specialist property investor and developer, established in 2014. Student accommodation, boutique hotels and redeveloped apartment blocks are the main categories when it comes to real estate investment for SAV Group. Therefore keeping the brand within these parameters was crucially important.
​A full branding project for a London Stock Exchange listed company, which delivers digitally enabled buildings and spaces.​ essensys project is based on three main pillars: being unique from its competitors, staying sophisticated and being modern.
Vibrant, yet minimalistic presentation template can be handy for annual reports or project proposals. A systematic grid makes it very easy to use the template.
Quartz Capital
Express Identity project for a London based venture capital fund. Unified and strong identity which is backed up by brand values such as reputation, trust and future disruption.
Urban Tension
Invitations for a gallery opening in London. Print and social media production.
Mainstreet is a real estate project based in Moscow, Russia. Sales platform allows the clients to travel through their potential homes with the help of a VR set. Easy filter system allows them to carefully make a decision.
Cameo Villas
Cameo Villas is a luxury segment gated compound of villas. This is a unique interface that was designed specifically as a marketing suite platform. The platform also allows the clients to experience their potential homes in a VR experience.
STONE Development
Stone is a Class-A business centre in Moscow, Russia. The sales platform is customised specifically for the customer by applying the identity and branding as well as the unique layout of the business centre.
iOS ∞
A futuristic interface, which is created with a consideration of technological advancement, design trends and the history of web design. The iOS was developed further, considering the current issue of abundancy of mobile phone utilization. By creating a calming interface, as opposed to a stimulating one, the aim is to persuade people to minimise screen time usage. This is done by finding a way to create an interface which would act as a solution to a problem itself.
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